Community Outreach - About Us


UMass Boston Guidelines For Community Outreach Program

Our Mission

The mission of UMass Athletics & Recreation is to encourage all UMass students to discover and nurture the “total person” who enriches the world and brings honor to the university, now and throughout life. We encourage every student-athlete to be a champion in an environment where academic integrity, social responsibility, respect, and competitive excellence are highly valued.

Goal of the Program

•    Outreach To Our Local Community  
•    Student Athlete Community Awareness

How do we choose our volunteer opportunities?

In order to maximize the impact we would like our student athletes to have at these opportunities as well as the impact that these events will have on our student athletes our focus will be on:
•    Local community initiatives within a 30 mile radius of our UMass campus.
•    Partnerships with organizations whose primary focus is helping children, fighting homelessness, starvation and other causes we feel will enhance the learning opportunities for our student athletes, staff and coaches.
•    Programs where we can take an active role in teaching, learning and sharing knowledge about a particular sport or life experience.
•    Projects where we can make a real difference and impact.
•    Programs that promote diversity, and inclusion.

When evaluating requests we will consider the following priorities?

•    Does the program match with values, mission and vision of the University?
•    Does the program support local children and youth groups?
•    Does the program encourage diversity?
•    Does the program support the local community or environment?
•    Can we accommodate the request time wise?
•    Does the request  have the coaches support?