Softball, Men's & Women's Basketball Work in the Community in March

Softball, Men's & Women's Basketball Work in the Community in March

This year marked the second year in a row that the softball team participated in the Inner City Softball for Girl's Night.  The event, which focused on girls from the ages of 9-18, was held at the Tobin Community Center. Each year the program continues to grow as more, and more local colleges/universities are eager to participate in the program. 

Coach Natalia Ardagna and her team, spoke to the young girls in attendance about the value of being a good teammate and the importance of being a team player.  Once the speaking portion of this clinic was concluding, the girls picked-up their bats and gloves as they worked closely with the players and coaches in attendance.

The girls in attendance were taught the proper fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and catching and for some that were interested pitching.  The Beacons would like to thank the Tobin Community Center for working with young girls to help grow the sport of softball. 

Men's Basketball
Fresh off one of their best seasons in recent memory the men's basketball team lead by head coach Jason Harris participated in their first Beacons Light Academy. Last year the men's team was not able to participate because of scheduling issues, but this year coach Harris wanted to make sure his team and players were ready and available.

Children in attendance were introduced to the Beacons players as well as coach Harris.  The team spent the day teaching the small fundamentals of playing basketball such as dribbling, passing, and shooting and the proper way to play defense. The children also had a chance to play small games of one-on-one with the UMB players in attendance.  Although there is no official word on who won their respective one-on-one games, the one thing that was for sure is every one had a great day.

Women's Basketball

The women's basketball team wasted little time getting back to work in the community under second year head coach Kristina Baugh as they worked at the Pine Street Inn. The Beacons were the second to last team taking part in the 2nd year of the Pine Street Inn & UMass Boston Athletics partnership.

For some of the first-time visitors to the Pine Street Inn, they had a chance to tour the facility, and learn what the Pine Street Inn was all about and its mission. Student athletes also had the opportunity to learn about the women's shelter as well. The women's shelter plays a huge role in also helping the Pine Street Inn accomplish its goal of trying to end homelessness.

Once the tour and learning part of the service event was completed, the athletes went into the kitchen to help prepare meals and dinners for the upcoming night. UMass Boston would like to thank the Pine Street Inn in their continued support against homelessness.